Holy Wow Wednesday: Shock and Awe

I’ve decided that here on CrackedSpineTingling, Wednesdays will be dedicated to the hot stuff, the things that cause heavy breathing and an elevated heart rate. I think Wednesdays are good for this kind of thing. I mean, it’s the middle of the week and the weekend is so near, and yet so far. So Holy Wow Wednesdays will be my way of perking you up if you’re suffering from the midweek blues.

Wednesdays will feature all things sexy, whether it’s an excerpt from a book, a video clip, or a picture. Just a warning: some of these things may be a little on the explicit side. If you’re easily offended or it isn’t your thing, just give these posts a miss. Things will resume as normal tomorrow.

Now… on to the good stuff 😀

Today’s Holy Wow comes from the amazing, diabolical, evil genius that is Abigail Roux. For those of you who haven’t heard of Ms Roux, don’t worry. Mony’s here to help. She is the author of the phenomenal Cut and Run series, following the trials and tribulations of the two sexiest FBI agents you will ever come across. If you haven’t read this series yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!?! It is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite series EVER.

Now, I’m sure some of you were aware that the DABWAHA awards were held last month. And I’m sure some of you also are aware that Abi won. She made DABWAHA history since a M/M book had never won the competition before. So to reward her faithful (if somewhat rabid) fans, she wrote a scene between Kelly and Nick, two of Ty’s recon buddies. Happily, it looks like these two hotties will be getting their own novella. I’m not sure if Abi has anything else planned for them (holding thumbs that she does), but from what I hear the novella is a definite. I’m sure some of you have already read it, but I just can’t resist posting this scene. It’s quite long, so I’m just going to put my favourite bit in. If this little snippet doesn’t make you check to feel if your eyebrows are singed, I don’t know what will. It is sizzling. Enjoy!

“You’re thinking way too much,” Nick snarled. He grabbed Kelly’s hands and slammed both into the mattress, holding him by his wrists. He thrust his hips, sliding his leaking cock along Kelly’s. “What you should be thinking about is wrapping your legs around me,” he said against Kelly’s lips before kissing him. He licked at his teeth and then sucked on his tongue, thrusting against him.

Kelly groaned, and almost without seeming to think about it, he pulled both knees up and slid his feet over Nick’s thighs.

Nick continued to rut against him, pressing down hard, cocks sliding, balls pressing together. It would be so easy in this position to just put the head of his cock against Kelly’s ass and shove himself in. That was good to know for next time.

“Now you should be thinking about me fucking you,” he hissed. “Because I sure as hell am.”

“Oh, God,” Kelly breathed.

 “No, you don’t say his name when I fuck you. You say mine.”

 Kelly responded with an inarticulate gasp.

Nick shoved his hips against Kelly’s hard, their cocks both leaking, gliding against hard, sweaty muscles. He put his lips against Kelly’s ear. “Are you thinking about me inside you?”

Kelly grunted and shuddered. “Fuck yes.”

“That’s all you should be thinking, you understand?”

Aaaannnnd… that’s where I stop. If you want to read the beginning and the… ahem, climax, you need to head on over to Abi’s site here.

Have an awesome day everybody!


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