Dark-Hunter Series: Time Untime

Time Untime

Time Untime

The Mayans aren’t the only ones with a 2012 prophecy…

Long before recorded history, there was a Keetoowah warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath. But not even death was the end of a man so strong.

Kateri Avani has been plagued her entire life with dreams she doesn’t understand. Her quest for answers has driven her to Las Vegas-but what she never anticipates is coming face to face with the warrior who has haunted her for her whole life. One who belongs to a world the scientist in her refuses to believe is real. 

Ren Waya came back from the dead to keep the prophecy he began from coming true and ending the world. However, the evil he has fought for thousands of years has found the one person who, against his will, holds the most sacred part of him: his heart. But if he doesn’t kill Kateri, the deadliest of evils will re-emerge and destroy everyone else on the planet. It was a sacrifice he made once. Will he be able to make it again?

I’ve been waiting to read Time Untime for a while now. It’s been sitting on my to-be-read pile for months and after reading some positive reviews for it, I was quite excited. Sherrilyn Kenyon is the queen of angsty heroes. She seems to live to heap misery on her heroes and then, after much blood, sweat and tears, she gives them their HEA. However, this book caused me angst for a whole other reason: it was terrible. There. I said it.

I finished this book last night, and by the end of it I was sputtering. I cannot believe that SK wrote this book. It boggles my brain that such a talented author could have been responsible such drivel. NOTHING happened in this installment of the Dark-Hunter series. As I was writing out the blurb, I was thinking, “whoever wrote this clearly did not read the book”. But then, you can forgive them for being a little confused because I still don’t know what happened! I am so disappointed with this book, and I feel disloyal for complaining.

I’ve been reading SK’s books for years. They’ve always been my “brain dessert”, the books that I don’t have to think about too hard. I can just sit back, read and enjoy. No complex story lines and overly complicated characters. She has a set recipe that she follows and it works for her. If you’re familiar with SK’s stuff, you’ll know how it goes: jaded broody hero + slightly damaged, but still hopeful girl = romance. It’s SK’s thing and she knows how to pull it off. But this book did not work. On any level.

I liked the characters well enough. They were pretty much the same as all of Kenyon’s other characters. The premise could’ve been lots of fun. I love mythology of any kind, and the idea that SK was going to explore Native American mythology was exciting. So it should have been a good book. But nothing happened! Ren and Kateri were just randomly running around, having these long meaningful conversations that bordered on preachy, and seemed to have very little to do with the actual progression of the story. Hah! Listen to me talk about “story progression” as if there actually was any.

I would just like to address the one thing that pissed me off in a big way: the flashbacks. Sweet baby Jesus, were there a lot of flashbacks. Randomly! SK would just insert these flashbacks in the middle of a scene-from out of nowhere-and it would last pages and pages. I’m not one to be easily confused while reading, but these damn things were so long-winded that I ended up forgetting what was happening before we got hit with these blasts from the past. The worst was when Ren and Kateri were just about to go there. I get that SK’s books are not about the sex. I appreciate that, because it gives the love scenes that do happen more meaning. So imagine my surprise when all of a sudden we’re taken from Kateri and Ren getting it on to an eight page long-eight friggin’ pages flashback. Why?!?! It completely killed the mood. And another thing that really grated my cheese: old faces just showing up from out of nowhere. I know that Acheron and Nick are the main overall characters in the series. I love seeing these guys again. But I just didn’t understand why they were there. The explanation that was given was along the lines of  an I-feel-a-disturbance-in-the-Force scenario.

By the time I finished reading this book, I was beyond frustrated. It honestly felt like a rush job, just so that it could be said that a Dark-Hunter book had been released last year. I am so hugely disappointed in this book, it’s not even a joke. If you haven’t read this book yet, I would actually recommend you give it a miss. It may adversely affect your health (my head damn near exploded). If you haven’t read the Dark-Hunter series yet, please don’t bypass it just on account of this. The rest of the series is really good. This was, I hope, just an anomaly.

If you really feel like giving this book a go, though, you can get it at Diesel’s ebook store. It’s an absolute steal at less than R10 (or $1).


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