Book of the Month: April

You guys may have picked up, while reading my review, that I loved Mine Till Midnight. And so I’ve decided that it will the Book of the Month for April. Each Book of the Month will be accompanied by a snippet, just to tease you and show you what you’re missing out on if you haven’t read the book yet.

This scene takes place right at the beginning of the book, just after Amelia, Cam and Merripen have found the wayward Leo. Enjoy!

Amelia turned to Cam Rohan, whose face was inscrutable. “May we take you back to Jenner’s, sir? It will be tight quarters in the carriage, but I think we can manage.”

“No, thank you.” Rohan walked slowly around the carriage with her. “It isn’t far. I’ll go on foot. 

“I can’t leave you stranded in a London rookery.”

Rohan stopped with her at the back of the carriage, where they were partially sheltered from view. “I’ll be fine. The city holds no fears for me. Hold still.”

Rohan turned her face up again, one hand cradling her jaw while the other descended to her cheek. His thumb brushed gently beneath her left eye, and with surprise she felt a smudge of wetness there. 

“The wind makes my eyes water,” she heard herself say unsteadily.

“There’s no wind tonight.” His hand remained at her jaw, the smooth band of the thumb ring pressing lightly against her skin. Her heart began to thump until she could hardly hear through the blood rush in her ears. The clamor of the tavern was muted, the darkness thickening around them. His fingers slid over her throat with stunning delicacy, finding secreted nerves and stroking gently.

His eyes were above hers, and she saw the golden-hazel irises were rimmed with black. “Miss Hathaway… you’re quite certain fate had no hand in our meeting tonight?”

She couldn’t seem to breathe properly. “Qu-quite certain.”

His head bent low. “And in all likelihood we’ll never meet again?”

“Never.” He was too large, too close. Nervously Amelia tried to marshal her thoughts, but they scattered like spilled matchsticks… and then he set fire to them as his breath touched her cheek.

“I hope you’re right. God help me should I ever have to face the consequences.”

“Of what?” Her voice was faint.

“This.” His hand slid to the back of her neck and his mouth covered hers.

Amelia had been kissed before.  Not all that long ago, as a matter of fact, by a man she had been in love with. The pain of his betrayal cut so deep, she had sworn never to let another man close to her again. But Cam Rohan hadn’t asked her consent or given her any chance to protest. She stiffened and brought her hands to his chest, exerting pressure on the hard surface. He seemed not to notice her objection, his mouth subtle and insistent. One of his arms slid around her, lifting slightly as he pulled her against the solid contours of his body. 

With each breath she drew in a deeper scent of him, the sweetness of beeswax soap, the hint of salt on his skin. The supple power of his body was all around her, and she couldn’t stop herself from relaxing into it, letting him support her. More kisses, one beginning before another had quite finished, moist and intimate caresses, secret strokes of pleasure and promise. 

With a soft murmur-foreign words that fell pleasantly on her ears-Rohan took his mouth from hers. His lips wondered over the flushed curves of her neck, lingering on the most vulnerable spots. Her body felt swollen inside her clothes, the corset cinching around the desperate pitch of her lungs. 

She shivered as he reached a place of exquisite sensation and touched it with the tip of his tongue. As if the taste of her were some exotic spice. A pulse awakened in her breasts and stomach and between her thighs. She was filled with a dreadful urge to press against him, she wanted to fight free of the layers and layers of smothering fabric that made up her skirts. He was so careful, so gentle-

The crash of a bottle on the pavement jolted her from the haze.

Mine Till Midnight: page 33-35


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