Holy Wow Wednesday: Quid Pro Quo

I described Quid Pro Quo as kinky perfection yesterday, and I stand by that statement. So if you haven’t read this short story yet, here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite. Also, it’s effing cold today and I could use some warming up. I had a hard time finding a piece that wasn’t too explicit or too long, so hopefully this doesn’t ruin anyone’s experience. I just think that if anything will motivate you to read the book, it’ll be this snippet.

“What does…” The john exhaled hard. “What does another two hundred get me?” 

Tristan broke away just enough to respond with a simple “More.”

“How much more?”

Tristan’s lips left Jared’s, and he dipped his head and descended on Jared’s neck. He teased Jared’s nipple with his thumbnail as he spoke. “If you like what two hundred’s gotten you,” he murmured, his breath hot on Jared’s throat, “then another two hundred will be worth it, yes?”

Something rustled. Then smacked. Jared and Tristan both looked at the john, whose hand was on top of a few flat notes on the table.

“All right. Two hundred more.” He squirmed in his chair. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Don’t overstretch, Jared silently pleaded, then jolted when Tristan slid his fingers under his shirt up to the same nipple. With no fabric barrier this time, this unhindered-uncensored-contact was insanely intense, especially the scrape of his thumbnail, and Jared gasped. It was completely stupid to get so worked up over such a simple touch, but Tristan had been the object of Jared’s lust for a long time now, and this was the first time in recent memory Jared had been this damn turned on, and what they were performing for their audience felt increasingly real. Their audience of one, anyway, and this was for money, but damn, some things he just couldn’t fake. 

Maybe the john was into the real thing. Maybe he could tell the difference. Maybe that was what he was paying for, and what Tristan was deliberately giving him at the expense of Jared’s sanity.

Jared pulled off his shirt, and then claimed Tristan’s mouth again. He yelped when Tristan tweaked his nipple, and then rubbed the pain-hard nub back into his chest, just to tease him more. Jared felt the world shift, and then he was falling backwards, pulling Tristan down with him. Tristan didn’t resist, and they quickly tangled up again like fumbling teenagers.

Tristan spread his legs wide open over Jared’s groin, and he briefly lowered a hand to pull Jared’s legs apart. Yeah, the show. From where the john sat, that was an eyeful of tight arse and two bulges, still very much clothed, but the angle would most definitely inspire the man.

Tristan broke the kiss and then sharp teeth nipped-again-at Jared’s chest. He arched, turned on way too much; he just wanted to get all his clothes off and deliver the full porn show right now.

… … …

In absolutely no hurry, apparently, Tristan rolled Jared’s other nipple between his teeth until Jared damn near pleaded for mercy. He gripped Tristan’s ink-black hair, tempted to force him lower, unzip his own trousers, and see if what he’d heard through the grapevine was true. 

Tristan paused again, and gave Rolex a sly look.

“Come on, take the shirt off,” the man said. He was starting to negotiate-probably a bad sign.

… … …

“You want the other shirt off,” Tristan said, slightly out of breath, “it’s going to cost you.”

“This is all an extra two hundred buys me?” It was hard to tell if he was annoyed or being playful.

“I didn’t say that. I just said the shirt isn’t coming off yet.” Tristan lowered his hips against Jared’s, and Jared groaned as their hard cocks pressed together-ground together-through two layers of leather. Jared slid his hands up Tristan’s back, under his shirt, resisting the urge to pull it completely off. Just rubbing his palms across Tristan’s hot flesh was… it wasn’t enough, was it? Fuck, Rolex had better pony up some more money and quickly. 

… … …

He curled his fingers against Tristan’s back, digging his nails in. Tristan groaned, arching against Jared’s fingers like a cat as he leaned down to kiss Jared’s neck. His breath was hot on Jared’s skin, and they both ground harder against each other. Jared’s head spun. His eyes kept tearing up. God, but he was turned on, and he didn’t know who was controlling this little game: Tristan, who withheld action for money, or the john, who could turn up the heat anytime he wanted to if he would just stop fucking around and put some bloody money on the table.

Jared followed the curve of Tristan’s spine with both hands and slid them over that amazing leather-clad arse. Tristan groaned, thrusting against him.

… … … 

“Jesus,” the john breathed, his whisper barely making it to Jared’s ears over the sound of Tristan panting against his neck.

More rustling. Oh fuck. Jared damn near came when that telltale smack announced more money laid out now.

Tristan pushed himself up and looked over his shoulder. Then he looked down at Jared, and the look in his eyes gave Jared goose bumps. “Time to turn up the heat, no?” Without waiting for a response, he sat up and pulled off his shirt.

And that is where I finish. If you enjoyed this snippet and would like to see what happens next, you can buy this book from Riptide Publishing by clicking here.


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