The Inferno Club: My Scandalous Viscount

My Scandalous Viscount

My Scandalous Viscount

Sebastian, Viscount Beauchamp, lives by a code of honor, and now honor dictates that he must marry Miss Carissa Portland. He has no regrets over stealing a kiss from the adorable little busybody-a fitting punishment for putting her delectable nose where it didn’t belong. But now, caught in a compromising situation, he knows he must make her his bride. He’s faced danger before-but nothing like this!

Carissa is not a gossip-she’s a “lady of information”. All she was trying to do was warn the rakehell Beauchamp away from an irate husband. But even she can’t flaunt Society, and while her head tells her that Beau’s a notorious scoundrel, her heart-and her body-are captivated by his dangerous charm. But when Carissa next goes snooping, the secrets she uncovers about the Inferno Club may prove even more hazardous than falling in love with your own husband.

My Scandalous Viscount is book five in the Inferno Club series by Gaelen Foley. Let me give you a brief run down of who and what the Inferno Club is before I actually get to the story. The Inferno Club is actually a cover for a group of highborn English spies for the Crown. The Order of St Michael portray themselves as a bunch of hedonistic rebels while they are secretly in charge of protecting England from any foreign threats, and have been engaged in a secret war against the evil cult of Prometheus. In the previous book, My Ruthless Prince, the Prometheans got their asses handed to them in Germany by members of the Order. In My Scandalous Viscount, Beau, the only Order agent who remained in London, is unaware of the Order’s victory and is having to deal with a commission of inquiry. Some members of the British government are concerned that the Order has grown too powerful, and fears that agents are abusing their status.

Carissa and Beau’s story has been a long time coming. These two have been eyeing each other since book one, but Beau’s been warned off the nosy lady of information. His fellow agents are married to Carissa’s best friends, and these guys see Carissa as a younger sister. As such, they want the womanising Beau nowhere near her. Despite this, Beau and Carissa still feel this undeniable pull toward one another. This attraction finally manifests itself at the end of My Ruthless Prince when Beau kisses Carissa in a public place. While no one saw them, Carissa and Beau have been thinking about it ever since it happened.

In all honesty, I was a little disappointed in My Scandalous Viscount. Like I said, fans have been waiting for these two to get their HEA for ages now, and I just feel that it didn’t really live up to the hype. I liked Carissa more than I liked Beau, although I wouldn’t have blamed Beau if he’d decided to throttle her. I think that if she weren’t such a sweet and well-meaning character, she’d have been put down as too stupid to live. She was so bloody nosy! I understand her motivations, but good grief! There were points where I wanted to get into the book, shake her and tell her to think. But at least she was entertaining. Beau, on the other hand, was kinda… stodgy. I was hoping for more from him. In the previous books, he was all mischievous and stuff. Here, he was so serious and all he ever seemed to do was tell Carissa what to do. I know that the poor guy was a bit stressed out and all, but I think we could have done with more lighthearted moments in this book. We met both Nick and Trevor, the two Order agents who’d gone missing in Europe, although we only actually saw Trevor towards the end. I think these two are going to be pretty interesting as the series progresses.

I think this book might have been more of a filler than anything else. I seemed like Foley was just tying up the remaining loose ends with the whole Promethean thing before she moves on with the story line for Trevor and Nick. I think it’s actually quite a pity, because I was really looking forward to Beau and Carissa getting together. Now, it’s kinda… meh.


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