Demonica: Desire Unchained

Desire Unchained

Desire Unchained

Pleasure is their ultimate weapon…

Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn’t resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy.

A Seminus demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he’d seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon chained to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes her effect on him is more dangerous than ever. As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts-or succumb to a madman’s evil plans.

Desire Unchained is the second installment in the Demonica series by Larissa Ione, and it was pretty awesome. I really liked Shade from reading Pleasure Unbound, so I was dying to read his story. I mean, he’s this hot, snarky sex demon. What’s not to like? Then I started Desire Unchained… and my hand began to itch to slap the son of a bitch. Don’t get me wrong, he totally redeemed himself by the end of the book, but he pissed me off so badly in the beginning. Let me explain why: Shade and Runa have a History. Shade, the rat bastard, cheated on Runa and broke her heart. Poor girl walked in on him with not just one chick, but two. His reaction to being caught red-handed, the unfaithful mofo? An apology? Nuh-uh. Excuses? Nope. He asks her if she wants to join them. I don’t know about you, but at this point I’m thinking of making an urgent appointment for Shade to have his man-parts removed with a rusty knife.

Runa is understandably devastated, and she takes off. She is in a complete state, and her night only goes further down hill when she runs smack bang into a werewolf who attacks her and infects her with lycanthropy. Seriously? As if learning that her boyfriend is a cheating scumbag isn’t bad enough, she now finds her night topped off by the fact that she’s no longer even human. This would be enough to turn most people into a complete wreck. But not Runa. Oh, no. She decides to roll with the punches on this one. Because when she sees Shade again, she’s going to kick his ass. Rock on, my sister.

By the time Desire Unchained takes place, it’s been eleven months since Runa and Shade have seen each other, and their reunion doesn’t take place under the most ideal of circumstances. They find themselves being held captive by the same raging loony who’s been killing demons and selling their organs on the black market. As though Shade doesn’t have enough to deal with, he finds that he is still crazy attracted to Runa. See, Shade had been given a nasty curse that will sentence him to an eternity of pain and suffering should he ever fall in love. His fit of jackass-ery with the threesome was his attempt at distancing himself from Runa and the feelings she was bringing out in him. Sadly for him, it didn’t really work; he still wants Runa and all it did was leave her with the desire to use his head as a hood ornament.

Thankfully, Shade does get better and the urge to throttle him fades to the point where you only want to smack him upside the head… after you’ve hugged him. As it turns out, Shade isn’t a really an insensitive jerk-he just acts like one. He knows that falling in love will ultimately be the end of him, so a HEA and family is off the cards for him. While he acts like he doesn’t give a damn, that is the very fate he wants more than anything else in the world. And, with that, I felt sorry for him.

Runa, though, didn’t fell sorry for Shade for a long time. In fact, she pretty much wanted to beat him into a bloody spot on the floor. I liked Runa. She made quite a transition from the shy timid human she used to be, to the fierce assertive werewolf she became. When she finally forgave Shade (a bit too quickly for my liking; given the nature of his offense he should have kissed ass a lot more than he did), she was willing to be what he needed, but she wouldn’t let him push her around and control her. She was also not willing to put up with his bullshit, and was more than happy to tell him when his behaviour was crossing in to douche territory.

The romance between Shade and Runa wasn’t the only thing happening, though. There were still issues between Kynan and Gem, and the unlikely bromance brewing between Ky and Wraith (the “baby” Seminus brother). Those two idiots cracked me up. And, as much as Wraith and Ky made me laugh, Ky and Gem’s situation made me want to cry. They were so frustrating! Just when you thought that they were going to get their shit together, Ms Ione would swerve and then they were even farther apart than when they started. My only issue with the story at large was the bad guy. I have to admit, I thought he was pretty weak, and it was way too easy to guess who it was. Man, I wanted the bad guy to be bad, but he just wasn’t. There was too much monologuing and there were these long, drawn-out explanations as to why he felt wronged. The guy was like one of those villains from a bad action movie.

Aside from that little niggle, I loved this book. I just want to share some of my favourite bits with you here. Because along with writing some scorching sex scenes (like singe your eyebrows hot), Ms Ione is one very funny lady…

This is a conversation between Shade and Runa that takes place after they find themselves inadvertently mated. Runa wants to know why any female in her right mind would willingly mate a Seminus demon.
“… There are lots of reasons a female might bond with a Seminus demon.”
“What about werewolves?”
“Out-of-this-world orgasms.”
She stared. “That’s it? Great sex? I’m forced to deal with you the rest of my life and all I get out of it is great sex?”
I think this says a lot about where Runa is mentally, that all the orgasms in the world could not possibly compensate for having to put up with Shade.

This little bit occurs during the full moon, right before Runa turns into a werewolf. Shade, idiot that he is, thinks that he’s funny.
“Oh, hey.. let’s not do that yet. Sit. Stay.”
Oh, he was hilarious. She was going to bite him as soon as the transformation was complete.

The last scene that I have to share takes place between Ky and Wraith. After the final showdown with the wussy bad guy, Wraith is in dire need of blood. Since there is no way in hell that Ky will let Wraith bite Gem, he volunteers to play donor. Unfortunately, Wraith gets a little carried away and Ky ends up in Underworld General as a patient. Ky wakes up and asks Wraith what happened while he was out. Wraith’s feeling a little… sheepish about nearly killing his buddy.
“What else?”
Wraith’s head snapped up. “What do you mean, what else?”
I mean, why the long face?”
“I nearly put you in the grave, you stupid human!”
Ah, now there was the Wraith they all knew and loved.

Wanna know something? I think Wraith is my favourite of the Seminus brothers. And guess what? His book, Passion Unleashed, is up next 😉


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