Holy Wow Wednesday: I Think My Brain Just Melted

Before I get into this week’s Holy Wow, let me ask you: is anybody on Tumblr? It’s both beautiful and terrible. The beautiful bit is that there are so many people with similar interests to you; the terrible bit is that you find in virtually impossible to leave once you’re there. It’s like this big swirling vortex that sucks you in and turns your brain into pudding. It also causes ridiculous behaviour. I had seen comments where people had admitted to shipping couples in programmes that they’d never watched, and had no intention of watching. I always thought this was a tad… odd. Until I started doing it.

Which brings me to the reason my brain melted. They’re names are Pana Hema Taylor and Dan Feuerriegel, who play Nasir and Agron in the TV series Spartacus. What I really want to know is, why I haven’t heard of this programme before? Did it not receive a lot of attention or was my head buried in the sand? In any case, these two bits of masculine perfection caused my brain to melt and put my hormones into overdrive. And here’s why:



1tumblr_mlzhlsNnYV1qau3b7o2_250 (1)



I have spent a lot of time staring dreamily at these pictures, so I’d like to draw you attention to gifs four and five. Notice how Agron has Nasir’s bottom lip between his teeth towards the end of gif four and the beginning of gif five? Shiver me timbers… And it isn’t just that they’re insanely hot together… there’s also something really, unexpectedly sweet about this pairing.

4tumblr_mo91pkvrit1s9oyujo1_250Doesn’t that last one just make you go, “Awww…”?

In short, I love these two strangers, and I’m going to start watching Spartacus as soon as I can.

Hope that everyone is having a good week!


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