Holy Wow Wednesday: Sticks & Stones

I predict that there will be two reactions to this week’s Holy Wow. You will either 1) roll your eyes and move on to something else because you haven’t given the Cut & Run series a try (crazy head!). Or 2) you will sigh dreamily and rush off to reread this scene because you are familiar with the Cut & Run series, and you love it as much as I do.

This scene takes place after a fair amount of hell has broken loose on the mountains. The deranged treasure hunters have been captured, but Ty and Zane are too exhausted to feel much satisfaction over this fact. The guys are stressed and desperately need some kind of release. Cue the naughty time in the forest. Now, please excuse me while I indulge myself on this one…

Ty snorted softly, shifting closer to Zane again and pressing their bodies close. He rested his forehead against Zane’s and nuzzled their noses together before kissing him again. 

Zane mumbled and shifted one hand around to cup the front of Ty’s jeans, rubbing slowly. Ty sighed, his warm breath brushing against Zane’s cold cheek. Zane kept it slow, listening to the soft sounds of pleasure from Ty’s lips as he started to unbutton his jeans despite what Ty had said. 

Ty reached down and caught his wrist; the fingers that grabbed him were cold and sticky. “Don’t have to, Garrett,” he whispered again.

Zane’s lips covered his practically before the last word was out of his mouth, and he started pushing down the heavy denim. Zane had gotten a hell of a lot of blowjobs over the years, but he’d avoided ever giving one. Ty knew that much about him. What Ty didn’t know was that Zane was willing to try it for him. But out in the cold, dark woods was not the time to experiment.

Ty moaned as he kissed Zane again, clearly willing to let him do anything he wanted. Zane just laughed again as he curled his fingers around Ty to pull his cock free of his boxer briefs.

Ty hissed slightly and laughed breathlessly. “Jesus, it’s cold,” he joked as he pushed his hips against Zane’s hand. “Make it fast, and we’ll go find that fire,” he said in a lower voice before kissing Zane with renewed passion.

With a grunt of agreement, Zane began jacking him slowly as he lifted his other hand to Ty’s mouth and pushed two fingers between those full lips. He could make out Ty’s mouth now, see his fingers sliding inside, Ty’s cheeks hollowing as he sucked them in. Zane’s spent cock twitched at the mere sight of it. Christ, he’d have to talk Ty into doing that again somewhere with better lighting.

Ty smiled around his fingers and bit them gently before flicking his tongue across the tips and sucking on them slowly. He kept his eyes open, looking at Zane intently in the darkness. Zane moved his fingers over Ty’s tongue, rubbing around it before pulling free. Stealing another kiss, Zane shifted so he could reach around and slide his hand over Ty’s ass, finger seeking sensitive skin.

Ty managed a muffled curse against his lips. He stood on his toes, giving him just that much more height, and he wrapped one arm around Zane’s neck to keep his feet as he was fondled. Zane wanted to be all over and around him, inside him and feeling his pleasure pulse through him. But he settled for stroking and squeezing Ty’s cock as he flexed his index finger against the clenching hole, sinking slightly in before pulling free and then repeating the motion.

Ty gave a wanton groan and let his head fall back, practically hanging on Zane.

“You feel so good, baby,” Zane groaned as he kept his hand moving and pushed his finger in to tease Ty some more. 

Ty didn’t respond with anything more than a wordless moan and another languid, sensual kiss. He seemed to think if he moved one way or the other, some of the pleasurable stimulation would stop. His cock jumped in Zane’s hand, and his entire body was tense and hard against Zane. Zane growled in frustration. When Ty was tight like this, a hard bundle of energy and writhing pleasure, there was nothing better in the world than to shove deep inside him and watch him go off like a firecracker. 

Sticks & Stones: Kindle location 3223 of 4857

Ahem… I have to go now.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


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