Cut & Run: Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

Baltimore, Maryland, is a city in alarming distress. Rising violence is fanning the flames of public outrage, and all law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are catching blame. Thus the FBI’s latest ideas to improve public relations: a municipal softball league and workshops for community leaders. But the new commitments mean more time Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have to spend apart when they’re happily exploring how to be more than by-the-book partners.

Then the latest spate of crime explodes in their faces-literally-throwing the city, the Bureau, and Ty and Zane’s volatile partnership both in and out of the office into chaos. They’re hip-deep in trouble, trying to track down bombers and bank robbers in the dark with very few clues, and the only way to reach the light at the end of the tunnel together requires Ty and Zane to close their eyes and trust each other to the fiery end.

If there was ever, God forbid, a fire in my house I do believe that off all the books on my shelf, I’d save the Cut & Run series first. I have become so emotionally attached to Ty and Zane that it’s not even funny. They’re not just fictional characters any more; they’re actual people. But before my imminent trip to the loony bin, let me tell you about this installment in what has become my most favouritist series ever.

Ty and Zane are in a pretty good place right now. Despite Ty dropping the L-Bomb, there’s been minimal awkwardness and their relationship has reached the stage where they’re comfortable with each other. But this being Ty and Zane, this happy phase in their lives can’t last. True to form, something goes horribly wrong; in this case a spate of bombings and bank robberies.  Law enforcement is being accused of not doing enough to keep the city safe, and the subsequent PR nightmare is giving the authorities grey hair. Ty and Zane find themselves in the middle of the chaos when there’s a bomb scare at the local aquarium. Instead of the romantic evening in the boys had planned, they find themselves  responding to the call. After arriving in a fairly dramatic fashion, Ty and Zane become the centre of the media’s attention. Needless to say, this is the last thing Ty and Zane want or need. They just want to be able to do their jobs and be together. Alas, the fates (aka Roux and Urban) seem to take some sadistic pleasure in making the boys’ lives difficult. Becoming the media’s darlings has meant added responsibilities for both Ty and Zane, which also means less time for them to be together. Then things get worse. So much worse. The ringleader of the bombers/bank robbers becomes fixated with Ty, making him a target. While dealing with yet another bomb, Zane gets caught in an exploding building and subsequently loses his vision. Then, and then, as if all this weren’t bad enough, Team Sidewinder shows up for a visit.

I loved this book so much. There were so many ups and downs and tugs at your heartstrings and kicks in the stomach and fires lit in your pants… there was just so much. I love how Ty and Zane’s relationship keeps on developing. They’ve yet to reach a point where I felt that things were dragging or that their relationship is stagnant. But, even though I love Zane, I did want to kick him. Hard. The issues Zane had with telling Ty that he loves him frustrated me. I know this hesitancy was true to Zane’s character and his tendency to overanalyse things is a part of who Zane is. But it still annoyed me. Another thing that totally got my goat was Nick O’Flaherty. I forgave him for it-eventually-but at the time I was furious. There was much shouting and swearing on my part, fueling my family’s insistence that I need to get out more.

In all, this book was pretty much just like the previous three: it was funny, heart wrenching, hot as hell, action-packed, and just plain awesome. And now I will share some more awesomeness with you.

Zane let the momentary annoyance fade into the background. They could bitch about work later. “Sure you still want dessert before dinner?”
“You’re not dessert, Zane. You’re the main course,” Ty informed him in a husky drawl. And you have about five seconds to take your pick of flat surface before I do it for you.”

Ty reached out and patted Zane’s knee, letting his hand rest there as he finally forced himself to look up and meet Zane’s eyes. “Thank you for believing me today,” he said roughly. “No one else did.”
“I trust you,” Zane said simply.

This is one of my favourite scenes in this book. It involves a slighly jealous, possessive Ty. Makes the knees a little weak.

Zane’s gut clenched; hearing and feeling Ty this worked up was a hell of a turn-on. And the fact that it was because Ty was feeling possessive…Zane’s head spun with delight, and he tried to give as good as he got. Ty pulled back from him just long enough to shuck his suit jacket and yank his shirt and undershirt over his head. Zane could feel the bare skin under his fingertips, soft and warm, shifting over muscles he could trace with his eyes closed. Then Ty was on him again, hands all over him as he tugged and yanked at Zane’s clothing, biting at his lips and his chin and his neck, sucking on his earlobe and growling, “You’re mine. Jersey Shore can get his own.” 


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