FBI/US Attorney Series: About That Night

About That Night

About That Night

He’s playing games.

Though Rylann Pierce tried to fight the sparks she felt for billionaire heir Kyle Rhodes the night they met, their sizzling chemistry was undeniable. But after being stood up on their first date, Rylann never expected to see him again. So when she finds herself face-to-face with Kyle in a courthouse nine years later, she’s stunned. More troubling to the beautiful assistant US attorney is that she’s still wildly attracted to him.

But she’s making the rules.

Just released from prison, Kyle Rhodes isn’t thrilled to be the star witness in a high-profile criminal case-but when Rylann comes knocking at his door, he finds she may be the one lawyer he can’t say no to. Still as gorgeous and sharp-tongued as ever, she lays down the law: she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But Kyle won’t give up on something he wants-and what he wants is the one woman he’s never forgotten…

I really do think that this series could quite easily become a favourite of mine. James has this way of writing where she effortlessly combines a fast-paced story line with characters who are hard not to adore and with a sense of humour I can only describe as wicked. I loved every second of this book, and I was almost disappointed when I finished it.

About That Night is book three in the FBI/US Attorney series (I still haven’t found the first one) and it’s Kyle’s book. Once, Kyle Rhodes was known for being the heir of a billionaire dollar company and being a shameless playboy. But all that changed in the space of time it took to compose a single tweet. Now, he’s known universally as the Twitter Terrorist and he’s finding it hard to shake that label. Still, it isn’t for lack of trying. He reverts, to a large extent, back to his habit of partying and womanising, but his heart just isn’t in it. But Kyle’s days of going through the motions grind to a screeching halt when he runs into someone he never thought he’d see again.

Rylann Pierce, assistant US attorney, is one tough cookie. She’s new to Chicago, having just moved there after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend. Rylann is a woman with a plan (for, quite literally, everything) and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Nothing ruffles this lady’s feathers… until she bumps into Kyle Rhodes in the courtroom during his release proceeding. Needless to say, neither one was expecting to see the other.    

After Kyle’s release, he’s adamant that the US Attorney’s office can kiss his shapely behind. They are getting exactly nothing from him. Well, in theory, anyway. But when Rylann comes over asking him for help, Kyle finds it a little hard to say no. Not that he has any interest in helping the US Attorney’s office, but Rylann… something’s still there and he’s quite keen on exploring it.

Honest to God, these two were adorable. I loved Kyle from A Lot Like Love, so I was itching to read his story and Ms James did not disappoint. Rylann was fierce and Kyle was funny, and together they were just perfection. Contemporary romance isn’t typically my thing, but Ms James is truly making a believer out of me.

I have to share this little snippet with you. Rylann and her best friend, Rae, went out to celebrate their win in the courtroom and have gone to the opening of a new club. Unfortunately, their lack of a certain male appendage means they’re being ignored by the female bartender.

Once again, Rylann tried to catch the eye of the female bartender working Firelight’s main bar. “One of the few times I’ve ever wished for a penis,” she said to Rae when the bartender stepped up to take the order from yet another male customer. They’d been waiting to be served for over twenty minutes. She’d even worn the red magic boob dress, but unfortunately its mojo offered no help in this particular situation.
“You haven’t had sex in six months,” Rae said. “If I were you, I’d be wishing for penises every night.”

Go on, read that without laughing. You can’t do it, can you? The rest of the book follows in pretty much the same fashion. Definitely worth a read if you’re looking for a cute, sexy contemporary.


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