Holy Wow Wednesday: Stars & Stripes

As a lover of all things romance, I’ve read some pretty steamy love scenes. Comes with the territory, you know? But I do believe that this scene from Stars & Stripes by Abigail Roux is the hottest sex scene I have ever read. Ever. I’m just going to give you a little snippet and if that doesn’t warm up your Wednesday, I don’t know what will.

Ty bent forward, riding Zane with those sinuous movements of his hips, faster and faster until sparkles started to form on the edges of Zane’s vision. 

He grabbed Ty in a one-armed bear hug and pulled him against his chest, restraining Ty’s movements as he fought off his orgasm. Ty was breathing hard, biting his lip as he tried desperately to roll his hips. Ty leaked all over Zane’s hand when Zane slid his fingers over his cock.

Zane started to stroke him with one hand, yanking that handful of Ty’s hair with the other as he whispered into Ty’s ear. “You better come without moving too much.”

Ty’s lips parted, but no sound came out. His head rested on Zane’s shoulder, and the faster Zane stroked him, the tighter Zane’s grip on his hair became. Ty’s body began to contort, his breathing growing erratic and labored. Every inch of him was straining to stay still, and the restraint and the tortured look on his lover’s face drove Zane’s hand faster and faster.


“Don’t fucking move!”

“Ty’s head thrashed from side to side, fighting Zane’s grip as he writhed on Zane’s straining cock. He finally managed to press his mouth to Zane’s, and Zane returned the kiss with all the hunger and lust of a man fighting his own orgasm.

As their tongues fought for dominance, Ty thrust his hips up into Zane’s hand, and he called out into Zane’s mouth as he started to come.It hit both their chests and even spattered up onto their chins as Zane pumped Ty’s cock.

Ty licked a drop of cum off the corner of Zane’s mouth, and Zane’s control snapped. 

And it gets even hotter after that. A worked up Zane must be a sight to see…


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