Holy Wow Wednesday: Catch a Ghost

As you’ve probably been able to tell, I was pretty freakin’ excited about Catch a Ghost by SE Jakes. In fact, I think the series I’m more excited about is Cut & Run, so I think it takes something pretty special to reach those heights right off the bat. I was especially impressed with the chemistry and tension between Tommy and Prophet. I also appreciated the fact that, despite their difficult start, they didn’t dance around the attraction the each felt.

The scene I chose for this week’s Holy Wow is Tommy and Prophet’s first kiss. Things ground to a halt because poor Tommy was a little stoned, but the sexual tension more than picks up once the drugs have worn off.


He needed to stay next to Tom, because he didn’t want his new partner-as fucked-up as he was-to see Prophet equally so.

Great team you’ve put together here, Phil.

Tom immediately made contact with him again. At first, Prophet thought Tommy might just fall back to sleep with his face on his chest, but then the man moved so they were face to face. He murmured something Prophet didn’t catch, before pulling Prophet close and kissing him. Like really kissing him, not caring about his split lip, open-mouthed, tongue-fucking, zero-to-sixty kissing that had Prophet kissing him back.

Tom’s erotic growl of surprise spread heat through Prophet’s entire body. He gasped in Tom’s mouth, a soft huff, and his hands came up to rake through Tom’s hair, against his scalp, half gentle, half tugging harder when Tommy responded by arching his pelvis against Prophet’s.

A moan rumbled in his chest, and he was fucking gone when Tom stroked his tongue against the roof of his mouth before tongue-fucking him back.

He rolled Tommy onto his back and lay on top of him. Tom’s hands grabbed at his hips, Prophet’s casts cradling Tom’s head.

Fuck, he loved kissing. Fucking was obviously great, but kissing was really how you could figure out how to take someone down in the best way possible.

He was still off-center from the flashback, but this was grounding him. Making him feel.

This kiss could ruin him.

“Wanted to kiss you… at the airport,” Tommy told him against his mouth.

“I wanted to see more of your piercings.”

“Seen them all, up close and personal.” Tommy ground up against him, and Prophet kissed him again and again, and Tom’s kisses were a combination of promise and connection.

“Fuck. Sleepy,” Tom murmured against his mouth.


Tom, he told himself sternly as he pulled back, like that would make a difference. 


When he brought his mouth back down on Tommy’s, a part of him was back at seventeen, kissing a different man, but a bigger part knew exactly who he was kissing. And he didn’t bother to stop.

Tom fell asleep under him. Prophet was both grateful and slightly offended. He fought sleep for as long as he could, and when he woke, there were no flashbacks. Just Tom’s hand on his cock.

Seriously guys, this is just the tip of the smoking hot iceberg. You need to follow this series. I can tell that it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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