Highland Pleasures: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family-rich, powerful, eccentric, dangerous. A lady couldn’t be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them-of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz. 

The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He’s also hard and handsome and has a penchant for Ming pottery and beautiful women.

Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama-an alcoholic father who drove them into the workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband.

And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.

Just a quick heads up on this one: I will be making squeaky fangirl-like noises with this book. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is without a doubt the best historical I have ever read. The chemistry between the main characters was off the charts, I adored the peripheral characters, and I emitted so many dreamy sighs that eventually people started looking at me funny. And you know what? I didn’t even care.

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is the first book in the Highland Pleasures series and follows the mysterious Mackenzie brothers. The first book-surprise, surprise-is about Ian Mackenzie, the youngest brother. Ian is a little bit… strange. Actually, I think the best way to describe his personality would be to compare him to Sheldon Cooper: he has a brilliant mind but his people skills are a little iffy. But unlike Sheldon, Ian has a sex drive. And is totally, ridiculously hot. And tears you between wanting to give him a hug and jump his bones… Moving swiftly on, Ian had a really rough childhood. Being a little boy genius during that time was not easy, and his father was convinced that Ian was insane. As a result, he threw Ian into an asylum where he was subjected to horrific “scientific” procedures designed to make him act “normal”. Thankfully, as soon as the old bastard died, Ian’s older brothers got him the hell out of there. The closeness between the Mackenzie brothers was one of the many aspects of this book that I loved. They could argue and brawl with the best of them, but they would cheerfully ax murder anyone who threatened one of their brothers. Now, I’ve spoken a lot about Ian so let me move on to Beth. This woman was chock full of awesome. She was so patient with Ian. She never got irritated when he stopped listening to her or when he got distracted by something else. She didn’t give a continental damn what other people said about him. She looked beyond all the things that would have put other women off, and she found an utter gem. She is my favourite heroine out of any historical that I’ve read, and probably in my top twenty heroines in general.

I was actually disappointed when I finished with with this book. I mean, normally you read a book and you enjoy it. You’ll laugh and sigh and grumble, and then you’ll move on to the next book where you’ll do the same thing. And that’s fine. But with this book, I felt it. There were scenes where I could almost literally feel my heart wrench. And no, I’m not exaggerating. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie was that good.

I think I’m going to stop here. I’m actually finding it a little hard to write this; I don’t think I’m quite doing this book the justice it deserves. Just trust me and go read it. You will definitely not regret it. The cheapest place to get it right now is over at Kobo.


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