Book of the Month: September

I’m a little bit late posting the book of the month for September… sorry about that. Last week I didn’t really have the time or the inclination and I only remembered this morning that I hadn’t done it yet. But, at long last, here it is. I had a little trouble deciding between The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley and Catch a Ghost by SE Jakes. Both very different but both off-the-charts epic. In the end, though, I decided to go with Catch a Ghost. I cannot remember the last time I just sat in my room and plowed through a book the way I did with this one. This was a really fun story and I definitely recommend giving it a try.  This scene takes place soon after Tommy and Prophet are put on assignment together. They’re not too keen on one another, but their boss has made it quite clear that he expects them to work together. So they’re trying to just grin and bear it.

Whenever there was a ruckus at security, it was usually Prophet’s fault, so it was odd to see one already in progress as he walked toward the area with a soda as big as his head. And he was going to get through with the damn drink. Somehow.  “What’s going on?” he asked the TSA agent, who shrugged, checked his ID, and let him through. It was an odd time for a flight, so the airport terminal was quiet. Except for Tom, who waved his arms as he talked to security.  Prophet heard Tom’s choice curses in what Prophet assumed was Cajun French, and walked over to rescue his partner.  Who was actually supposed to be keeping Prophet out of trouble.  He wanted to video this and send it to Phil. Better yet, put it up on YouTube. But by the time he’d gotten close-because he’d argued about keeping the soda with the second agent, telling her about hypoglycemia and the fact that it was only three ounces of soda and a lot of ice, and lost, and goddammit, someone owed him-Tom had disappeared. He pulled out the Air Marshal badge he’d gotten for emergencies like this one-and also because he was more than qualified to help out if there was any trouble on a flight-and asked the female guard, “That guy’s with me. What’s the problem?” “He was randomly chosen for a pat-down. We found his piercings, and now he’s putting himself through the X-ray machine,” she said wearily, like she’d seen it all before. And Prophet could only shrug in sympathy as they watched Tom climbing onto the conveyor belt and lying down flat on his back. She motioned for Prophet to follow her. As Tom’s X-ray came through the machine, Prophet almost bit off his tongue. Clear nipple piercings and slightly more blurry cock piercings. Jesus, he hadn’t expected that. He swallowed hard, and a second agent spluttered, “Holy shit.” And then Tom was out, smirking at Prophet and the agents. “I told you they’re attached,” Tom said, starting to unzip his jeans.”Want me to show you?” Prophet wasn’t sure which of them he was talking to, but he assumed it was security. To her credit, the female guard merely said, “Actually, yes, sir. I won’t be the lucky one today, but you’re still going to need a full body search.” Tom rolled his eyes, said,”Of course I am,” under his breath. “The ladies like that?” a male agent asked Tommy. “Men like it more,” Tom told him, which confirmed to Prophet that the physical yank he’d felt toward the man hadn’t been his imagination. Fucking accent. Kindle Location: 447 of 3820

I’m not going to go into it too much, or else we’ll be here forever, but I adored Tommy and Prophet. They are both so damaged and messed up, and I can’t help but root for them. And I know that once you read this book, you will too.  


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