Holy Wow Wednesday: Str8te Boys

Hi all! This week I’ve decided to give you guys a little snippet from Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson for Holy Wow Wednesday. While it may not be the best M/M book I’ve ever read, it’s a sweet story with some pretty steamy love scenes. This make out session between Mav and Duke is brought on by a game of extreme gay chicken, and it gets seriously freakin’ hot. That being said, though, it isn’t crazy explicit. So if you’re new to this genre it’s not the kind of thing that will shock your sensibilities too badly.

“Now what?” he asked, as soon as he was completely naked under the covers. 

“Now… since you’re the champion and I’m the challenger I’ll start,” Duke decided. “I’m gonna touch you. If you give, I win, just like usual. ‘K?”

“Uh-huh.” Mav’s heart was thundering in his ears and his cock was aching. He could feel the warm wetness of precome beading at the slit of his broad head and he could barely breathe he was so turned on. When was the last time he’d been so hot? He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way, feeling like he was going to explode if his friend didn’t touch him soon.

“Okay.” Duke shifted beside him and suddenly a warm hand was gripping his shaft under the covers. “Too gay for you, buddy?” Duke breathed.

“Huh-uh. Not really,” Mav managed to whisper. He was trying to hold still, trying not to thrust into his friend’s hand, but it was damn hard not to when when every instinct in his body was shouting that he had to thrust, that he needed to come.

“How about if I do this…” Duke started a slow, sensual stroke along the hard ridge of his cock. “While I do this…” He leaned down and kissed Mav lightly on the mouth.

Mav parted his lips at once and Duke’s tongue was there, probing delicately, licking hungrily. He groaned, unable to help himself, as the warm pleasure of his friend’s hand on his cock became unbearable. Duke swallowed the soft sound eagerly and stroked harder, more urgently.

God, can’t believe he’s kissing me while he jerks me off. If he doesn’t stop soon I’m gonna come! Mav didn’t know if he wanted his friend to stop or not. But when Duke did stop, breaking the kiss and pulling away slightly as his hand ceased it’s delicious stroking, he felt a wash of disappointment.

“Too gay?” Duke panted the words. “Do you give, Mav?”

“No way-I don’t give,” Mav said emphatically. “There’s no way you can win, man. I’m not backing down.” He deliberately made his words challenging, wondering what Duke would think of next. He didn’t have to wonder for long.

“Neither am I,” Duke murmured in his ear. He shifted position again and this time he was above Mav. straddling him in the dark. “Spread your legs,” he commanded in a hoarse voice.

“What for, man?” For the first time Mav felt uneasy. After all, there were limits. He wasn’t going to let his roommate fuck him, no matter how hot and bothered he was.

“Not what you’re thinking,” Duke assured him. “C’mon, Mav, trust me. Just spread.”

Reluctantly, Mav did as his best friend asked, opening his legs even though it made him feel strangely vulnerable.

With a soft sigh, Duke arranged himself so his thighs were inside Mav’s and then lowered himself slowly.

Mav took in a deep, hissing breath when he felt the heated shaft of his best friend’s cock settle flush against his own. “God… Duke!” he gasped.

Duke froze in position but his voice was low and taunting in Maverick’s ear. “That’s my cock rubbing against yours, roomie,” he murmured in Mav’s ear. “Too fay for you? Do you give?”

And you will have to read the rest of the book to find out who won this round. Have an awesome week, guys!  


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