Holy Wow Wednesday: David Gandy

I must admit, for a long time I didn’t really understand David Gandy’s appeal. Sure, he’s good looking and all, but I didn’t really find him attractive. Kind of like Cristiano Ronaldo; pretty, but not really my cup of tea. And then, one day out of the blue, I saw a picture of this guy and my first thought was, “Holy crap, this guy is HOT!” So, in honour of my epiphany, I present to you the truly delicious David Gandy.

david gandy 1


david gandy 2

david gandy 3

david gandy 4

david gandy 5

I learnt an important lesson this week: I need to get my eyes checked regularly. And also to frequenlty feel if I have a pulse, since the only way a person can possibly not appreciate Mr Gandy is if they’re both blind and dead.



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